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The Oasis Concept

The idea for You -
8+ Hours Healthy Office Seating

We're made to move, we sit and work wherever and whenever we love.

With understanding of the 8 hours+ at work, OASIS is dedicated to design and develop OASiS product portfolio of 8+ HOURS HEALTHY OFFICE SEATING for different work modes of the day, such as FOCUS, COLLABORATE, SOCIAL and LEARN for an office that works better. Wherever and whenever you sit, there is always a seating for every moment with the healthy posture. We share passion, delivering OASIS 8+ HOURS HEALTHY OFFICE SEATING for higher performance and value for both individual well-being and organization.

This is THE OASIS CONCEPT, which starts with the idea of providing a range of 8+ HOURS HEALTHY OFFICE SEATING product portfolio for different work modes of the day, yet good design and quality for your projects seating solutions, including executive seating, task seating, conference seating, training seating, lounge seating, collaboration zone seating and so on.

No matter your project is big or small now and then, we are here to support you by combining function, quality, design and value - always with sustainability in mind.

THE OASIS CONCEPT exists in every part of our company, from design, sourcing, packing and distributing through to our business model. Our aim is to help you stay different in this dynamic market, completing every project happily.

Bring the Oasis Concept to your Project and Showroom

Cooperating with business that carry different needs and cultures, we always listen and learn to serve you better.

THE OASIS CONCEPT comes to your project and showroom in few ways:

A+D WORLD - Meticulously created with highest standard of technology features and quality elements, resulting in something truly innovative for worldwide corporate projects.
ID FAVOURITE - Blending together the juice of energy and attractive youthful design, let's splash the office with great motivation inside out. Focus on you ID project planning – we'll do office seating for you with no worries.
ABW FIT-OUT - Committed to the best quality as well as the delivery commitment for your large order volume.
SIT ESSENTIAL - Emphasizing on the comfort as well as the durability for the ease and the competitiveness of your projects while not forgetting to be affordable as well. Plan more; value more!
CONCEPT STORE - Well equipped with ergonomic features, taking your health as the priority, while not forgetting the high quality commitment in an affordable pricing.