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A+D WORLD - Meticulously created with highest standard of technology features and quality elements, resulting in something truly innovative for worldwide corporate projects.
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ID Favourite - Blending together the juice of energy and attractive youthful design, let's splash the office with great motivation inside out. Focus on you ID project planning – we'll do office seating for you with no worries.
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ABW FIT-OUT - Committed to the best quality as well as the delivery commitment for your large order volume.
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SIT ESSENTIAL - Emphasizing on the comfort as well as the durability for the ease and the competitiveness of your projects while not forgetting to be affordable as well. Plan more; value more!
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CONCEPT STORE - Well equipped with ergonomic features, taking your health as the priority, while not forgetting the high quality commitment in an affordable pricing.
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Oasis Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd has been started as an office chair manufacturers in Malaysia by upholding the main principle of Ergonomically Designed for Health in all the ergonomic office chairs development. Besides emphasizing on the ergonomic office chairs function, Oasis also developed corporate office chair to meet project needs and wants. Oasis can be considered as one of the few office chair manufacturers in Malaysia that emphasize on the chair outlook to meet market needs and wants, by creating modern office chair in Malaysia.

In order to provide a better workplace solution to the market, Oasis strives to provide an activity based workplace which is also known as Innovative Workplace by Oasis. Innovative Workplace is about the blending of people, place and technology seamlessly into an office setting. How people work today, how people perform, where people work and how we can help through the solutions that we can provide are all taken into consideration during the office furniture research and development process. Today, Oasis as an office furniture manufacturer in Malaysia, continue to improve on the quality as well as the outlook in providing high quality office furniture to cater architecture and design, design and build, interior design, turnkey, fit-out project, commercial and government project as well as corporate office furniture project requirement.